Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety

Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety
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I have gotten to do so much despite my bouts with anxiety. I have literally worried myself completely, only to find that everything sort of just worked out eventually.

A lot of the things we worry about never happen. Anticipation is worse than the outcome for most of the time.

Something that’s really helped me is to say, ‘Ten out of ten times all things work together for my greater wealth, success and happiness.’ This has helped me a ton. I’ve had people say that, and it’s worked.

I’ve been published in Money Magazine, and The Daily News newspapers—just small comments and letters to the editor. A few times in each! I’ve done amazing artwork in shows.

My art was even hung up at Dunkin Donuts in Staten Island for six months near my home, just because the manager liked them. I have pictures of that.

I’ve done all of this publishing despite, at times, amazing amounts of anxiety. I just talk my way through it and reach out to friends—that really helps.

I eat something nourishing and write to a company in hopes of making a connection and getting published. But reaching out to a friend or family member is what helps me the most.

I wish you all the best, all the luck, and remember this too shall pass. It always does. One thing I’ve learned about life is that it moves on. The days pass.

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