Maybellene Gonzalez

Maybellene Gonzalez
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Maybellene is a Brooklyn-based artist with a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a minor in studio art. Her work has appeared in Poetry South, Wall Street International Magazine, The Olive Tree Review, White Fish Review, Art BreakOUT and Section 8 Magazine. Her artwork has been displayed at One Art Space, Arts Unbound, Chesnut Gallery and the Fountain House Gallery.

Lady in Red


My art pieces are inspired by my poetry, my dreams and the world around me. I’m proud of all of my artwork because many of my pieces take two or more months to finish.


So, whenever I complete something, I feel such a huge feeling of accomplishment. I’ve always been a creative person. I remember actually writing and illustrating my own stories as early as elementary school. Creating art has always been a way for me to process and understand my emotions.


I can’t choose my favorite artist or artistic time period. That’s like asking me to pick one chapter out of my favorite book. Each chapter is needed to appreciate the whole story.

The Phantom’s Piano

I would love to have my work displayed in the Museum of Modern Art because it’s one of the most influential art museums in the world. I feel like having my artwork on display there would mean that I’ve made it as an artist.

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